Wednesday, October 11, 2006

You taste like Fish Biscuit

I thought this episode of LOST was the best tonight. I wanted to kill everyone of the OTHERS. Ohh, it got my blood boiling. It's too much. NO wonder it's easier to watch it all at once, I can't stand this suspense.
And now there's The NINE. I can't stay up all night to watch these shows!

So back to Jun, Damn I 'm glad she shot the bitch and then I would have aimed up and shot the next person coming down and so forth...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, best episode I've seen in awhile. Anyone else think the Others put Freckles in that dress knowing it is "torture" for Sawyer. Sawyer's a bad ass. I think Jun did the right thing but I can't really trust that ho. As usual, Sayid is also a bad ass and owns up for his actions. Great episode.

strawberryroses said...

Sayid is the man!