Sunday, October 08, 2006

Digging for the Truth

It's Sunday and I've spent the day cleaning out 10 bags of really old clothes that I haven't worn for a few years but couldn't let go. Well, it's gone now. It leaves me with about 2 dozen jeans I can't live without. My new favorite is PRPS and my inexpensive LEVI's is not only well made but it fits amazingly well. Who says you have to spend a few hundred bucks for a good fitting pair of jeans?

I just started watching "Digging for the Truth". Well it's got a good looking fella, Josh Berstein (who's like a modern Indiana Jones) and the story in each episode is really cool. Right now, they're discussing Stonehendge and the episode prior was about the Mayan Pyramids and I actually learned something and enjoyed watching it at the same time. Remember those horrible science shows we had to watch in high school with Richard Attenburrough and I swear, was there anyone awake?

Go check it out on The Discovery Channel, I think it's on 9pm on Mondays and reruns.

I've been obessing with this Rosemary chicken dish ever since Tyler Florence told me via his ads for Applebees that I had to try it. Well, it sucks from Applebees. So I went to PCC today and purchased everything I need to make my own. I'll let you know how my cooking turns out.

Mama is going to be away for almost 6 months. I've thrown out 3 bags of food from the fridge and I washed out the fridge. It's very empty and clean. Next up will be all her "herbs" that has been sitting in the kitchen for decades. Then the laundry room and garage.

There's this beautiful house on upper Queen Anne. It doesn't fit in with the rest of the victorians but I don't care. It's MODERN, it's a square with no yard, and it's open with lots of glass. It's the type of house I want to live in. Open, Zen, clean, and free of clutter.

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