Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lil Jon

Lil Jon's in Eastgate has the BEST cinnamon roll. Period. Can't believe I've lived here for this many years and only recently "discovered" them even though they've been around since 1969 (I think). The prices are relatively inexpensive. The service usually spot-on, and just the right amount of attitude from the servers to put you in your place. After all, this is a DINER, not a restaurant.
Come early for their cinnamon roll. It's huge, artery clogging, and the best damn roll I've ever had in my life. Crispy crunchy baked goodness on the edges, soft & chewy in the center. And did I mention the big scoop of butter icing?

#2 for $6.25 I like my eggs hard boiled but they don't offer that so poached hard is the next best thing. Slather with lots of Tobasco or Cholula and discard the yolks. Love the egg whites, not the yolk.

Finally, ketchup with the spout facing down!

Love seeing "old timers". Usually, there's a big table of 8-10 who gather every morning and socialize.

Coffee is decent and I usually have 3-5 cups. You never feel rushed even though there's a line waiting for take your place.

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