Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Judy Fu's Snappy Dragon

This is the nastiest American Chinese food joint I've been to in years! Thick won tons boiled and a heapful of peanut thai sauce covering it up and served as appetizer. Neil said the fried wings were overly salted.

This was their quart of beef brisket noodle soup. You know what's missing. Flavor of 5-spice. The noodles looked like a bowl of pig intestines. There was sooooo much noodles, you couldn't even drink the soup before they absorbed every ounce of liquid.

On a positive note, the beef was cooked till it was literally melting in your mouth. Or I could assume that because no one orders it, it just sat there until an idiot like me ordered it.

The place was in Roosevelt, in the middle of no where and everyone who worked there to the customers were ummm...WHITE. That says it all. There's a ton of stickers on their front door noting how they're top favorites for every foodie category nominated. REALLY?

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