Thursday, December 18, 2008

don't snow and drive

I'm wondering why the city has not plowed or paved any roads? During our drive into the city this morning, I didn't see a single plow truck. Neil took the express and we ended up skidding 4 lanes to the left, hitting the concrete divider, and going back 4 lanes to right and hitting the other guard. Luckily, no other cars were on the road. On our way home, again I didn't see any roads paved, sanded, or plowed. We started our descent down the hill to the house and Neil lost control and had no traction. The stupid idiot city crew that was there was so far down the road that by the time Neil lost control, the flagged him to stop. Too fucking late! He couldn't stop and I pulled on the hand brake and we did slow down...a bit. Then the car began to spin and there was a RAM truck sitting right in the middle on the road and we rear ended his driver's side of the door.

1/2 a block away from home and the car is stuck.

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strawberryroses said...

Damn. This what they must mean by, "luck you live Hawaii."