Thursday, April 10, 2008

Oasis Cafe

smart genius bento, originally uploaded by awungfoo.

Neil saw this across Boom Noodles the other day and mentioned that we should go. I was hesitant after looking at their home made paper signs. Usually, I don't mind, but I felt the space was odd and that the menu couldn't decide if it was chinese or japanese. We sat down and we both ordered a bento box for $13.95. Free miso soup that was a tad oversalted even by Neil's standard. She offered free tea but we didn't have any. The owner came by and chatted me up about my digital camera and went on about taking pics of food and if he blows it up could he cover his walls with it. It was kinda funny cuz how did he know or is he just assuming that because I have a camera, I know about printing and wall posters?

Anyway, the food came out and it looked good but upon further inspection, the tempura prawns were obviously previously cooked and just reheated. The chicken looked the same way, way too over grilled and rubbery. The sushi rice was just tad dried out. So even though the portions were generous, neither of us really ate much of it.

When we left, the owner came running out and I thought maybe he wanted our comment about his food. But instead, he went on to ask me about what color plates to shoot the food on and what background he should use whether cloth or paper and what color. I was thinking to myself, I'm not a pro, why are you asking me?! I was really nice and told him to use white or black plates and he would let it go...kept asking so I kept repeating use white plates, use white plates. All the while, I knew Neil was thinking if their menu and food quality doesn't change, they wouldn't be around much longer.

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Danny said...

For the same price, you can get the I Love Bento at I Love Sushi. Very good.