Friday, August 18, 2006


We saw Snakes last night. Neil fell asleep and thought it was stupid. I enjoyed it thoroughy. The beginning was retarded but once they were in the air and the snakes were out, it was like being on a roller coaster ride.

However, this was a flight originating from HNL and there were not a lot of Pacific Islanders depicted in the movie. Let's see, the bad guy is buff and does martial arts. The other token asian is also buff and does kick boxing. The fat asian women dresses in a frumpy dumpy muu muu. Who the hell still wears a muu muu in Hawaii? The rest of the cast was as white as can be with the exception of SLJ!

With that said, the silliness of the movie and the action was FUN and worth a matinee.

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strawberryroses said...

Yeah, I read they were leaving from Hawaii and remember SJ being here for a week or so. Oh well, another misrepresentation of Hawaii.